10 Things Parents Should Do Daily

Parenting can be challenging! We all know that, but how do we keep our sanity? These 10 things, when done daily, will help us to appreciate ourselves and our families too.

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  1. Have 15 mins of alone quiet time. This is a short enough amount of time that we are able to fit it in everyday while still allowing ourselves time to release some of the tension of the day.
  2. Do something with the kids. This can be as simple as breaking out the crayons and coloring, having reading time or playing a board game.
  3. Clean 1 Area Of House. Each day have a set area of the house to get done. Whether it is to clean the bathroom or sweep and mop getting one thing out of the way each day is a helpful way to keep your home clean.
  4. Do 1 Load Of Laundry. Laundry can be daunting if it piles up too much. By doing a single load each day you will be able to keep up on all the laundry, including the adults, kids, and linens.
  5. Say Something Positive To Your Kids. This is something we always forget about but we all really want to accomplish. Saying “Good Job” or “That Looks Great” can put a much needed smile on our kids face and make them feel special.
  6. Have the Kids Pick Up After Themselves. We might feel like it is easier to just do the clean ups ourselves instead of dealing with the fighting and whining of our kids not wanting to comply with our request to put their toys away, but we are actually disabling their future. Adolescence is the time to teach them the skills that they will keep with them for the rest of their lives. Picking up after themselves should be one of them.
  7. Appreciate Your Life. Even when we have a bad day or we are stressed about getting the bills paid there is always something to be appreciative for in our lives. Be it your kids or spouse, job or ability to stay home with your kids, pick something and and spend a few minutes thinking about what your life would be without that thing.
  8. Ask Your Kids Questions About Their Day. We can’t just say “How was school?” This gets us a one word response such as “fine.” What we need to do is ask specific questions such as “What was your favorite thing the teacher talked about today?”
  9. Give your Kids A Hug, Kiss And “I Love You”” At Bedtime. This shows our children that we appreciate them and want to show it. This also gives their last moments of each day with love from their parents.
  10. Have A Set Bedtime Each Night. Children need to have structure. School nights and weekends don’t have to have the same bedtimes but they do need them both set. My daughter goes to sleep at 9pm on school nights and 11 on weekends. This is not to say that these can’t be adjusted if you want to give them a special night but it gives them a schedule. It also give parents a time for adults before their bedtimes.

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This is your list list so course it can be adjusted. Add to it things that you want to accomplish everyday. Comment with your additions below.

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