How To Save Money on Back to School Shopping?

Back to school shopping can be comparable to Christmas shopping. Messy aisles, long lines, bare shelves and hordes of parents.

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With 3 Children in school I have done it all.

What I have found works the best is to do the big items online ahead of time like backpacks at either amazon or at eBay. This will not only give you a chance to avoid the lines but also to give your child the variety so they don’t end up with the same backpack as 5 other kids in their class.

Save Money

All the small stuff like pencils and paper can be bought for pennies on the dollar at one of your local office supply stores. I always check the ads online because they don’t always make it to my home. Don’t forget to change to your location once you click on the ad links I have provided for you.

Office Depot Ad

Staples Ad

Most items that these stores don’t have for under 1$ can be found at either Dollar Tree or 99cent Store

Dollar Tree Ad

99Cent Store Locater

I am motivated to save enough money shopping in order to be sure that all 3 of kids get everything they need. Please share your secrets in the comments below.



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