11 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Step Kid's Mom

11 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Step Kid’s Mom

I have 2 wonderful step children. My Step Kid’s Mom and I get alone good enough. There are definitely some things I would like for her to know though. If we could sit down and have a real “grown-up” conversation about co-parenting and blending families.

The Things I Would Like To Tell My Step Kid’s Mom

It has come to my attention that this list seems a bit outta bounds when when there is no background given about my step kid’s mom.

Even though we get along okay face-to-face it is clear that she bad mouths me to the kids. She has told her own children they look ugly and they are stupid on several different occasions. It breaks my heart to see these precious little babies of mine get hurt in these unnecessary ways. They are only 7 and 9 and already they are pulling away from bio mom.

When they were only in preschool she actually told dad that if they don’t graduate high school they will figure something else to do. Aren’t we supposed to push our kids into excellence instead of write them off before they have had a chance to get started?

I am not here to take your place

I know that you are their Mom and I wouldn’t want to try and take over your place in their lives. A stepmom can be a separate special figure who never gets your place.

11 Things My Step Kid's Mom Should Know

I love your kids

I only want what is best for your babies because I love them too. They are a big part of my life and I am a big part of theirs.

Your kids are amazing people

Your kids are both amazing people and they have a lot to offer the world. Getting to know them has been a wonderful experience.

I want to be there for them

There will be many important moments in their lives and I will be there for them. I will witness their graduations, weddings and children related events. Plus anytime they feel they want me I will be there.

Listen to them they have a lot to say

Your children have a lot of opinions about the world and they will certainly tell you about them if you ask.

They are beautiful

Your daughter is beautiful inside and out. She is caring and has a great big heart.

They are smart

Smarts come from more than just books. Their grades in school go up and down but they are able to comprehend the world around them and are very observant of it as well.

I am not going anywhere

Whether you learn to like me or not I will not be going anywhere. This family which includes your children now includes me and I am an important part of it.

I will help you if you let me

Your Children and I have bonded with your children and am especially close with your daughter. I know that you are my Step Kid’s Mom but I am their stepmom and if we worked together then the children will only prosper in the future from it.

We could be friends

We don’t have to be besties but we have two very big things in common. The love for both of your children. Co-Parenting is not always easy but it can be a smooth ride. After all it isn’t about us it is about them and they would have a more relaxed life if we could speak freely with each other in a friendly manner.

We could make this easier on each other

If we were friendly with each other, then the kids would be happier and that would end with us having an easier time raising them.

Going Forward With My Step Kid’s Mom

I have been trying to show my Step Kid’s Mom these things rather than say them and hopefully we can continue to progress positively in order to build a better relationship with each other so that the kids can have a happier life. I know that is something we can both agree that we want. A Better goal as a Step Mom I don’t think I could come up with.

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