5 Ways To Break Your Snack Habit

I have a horrible problem with snacking. Sometimes I crave sweets but usually it is the salty snacks I go for.I am not proud to say that my most dear snacks I tend to hide from my kids and husband so that I don’t feel obligated to share with them.

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I try to not buy the items that are “bad” for you. When we are living with others though this is an increasingly difficult task to keep the junk out of the house.

Since the snacks are always around I have been looking for different ways to kick my habit to snack. I have looked up the horrible things that junk food can do to our bodies and I have tried to stick to strict diets however these routes always lead right back to disastrous snacking.

5 Ways to Stop Snacking

My 2 older children and husband also have this uncontrollable urge. While snacking has its benefits such as joy and satisfaction, it can also lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, clogged arteries and obesity.

I notice the problem my family has most severely when I go clothes shopping. My poor seven year old wears size 16 and is very short. I have to heme all his pants and shorts. There are not many option I can do to help my older son and daughter since they live with their biological mom most of the time.

I have figured out some ways which have helped me to curve my snacking and I have been trying to help my children do the same.

  1. Drink Water. When I enter the kitchen to look in the fridge I will first drink a big cup of water and sometimes 2. Not only does this help to keep my daily water intake up but it also helps to fill your stomach with something good for you. It helps to have a special water cup for yourself.
  2. Fruit. Keep fruit in the fridge in a sealed Tupperware. I will once or twice a week cut up a variety of fruits so that when I want something sweet I don’t have to do the work to get the fruit ready to eat since snacking isn’t about the work, but rather the ease.
  3. Nuts. When I want something salty I will grab a Pre-portioned Ziplock of my favorite nuts. By pre-portioning the nuts I don’t usually have to worry about eating too much. I usually do a type of nut with a shell that I have to spend time cracking.
  4. Brush Your Teeth. Who wants to eat right after they brush their teeth. It makes everything taste gross. This keeps me from snacking late at night especially late at night.
  5. Protein. Be sure your body is getting enough of the nutrients it needs or it will keep asking your brain for it. If your not eating the right things then you need to get some vitamins and minerals other ways.

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