About Tiffany King

My Story

Just like you, I love my children more than anything. I have these two little girls who definitely keep me busy ……… and drive me bonkers! My life is often full of noisy chaos since on top of my two little ones I also have 2 more kids who have been mine since they were 4 and six. My husband and I usually have them but the do spend the weekends with their birth Momma. So we are familiar with the co-parenting world as well.

When it comes to my kids I have very high standards. I expect them to do chores, read daily, and act politely. These expectations can lead to power struggles but in the long run I believe I am here to help turn them into good adults, not make them happy every second of every day.

I love being out in nature and I am trying to keep my family using products with ingredients which are safe and natural. Finding products like this is a challenge in department stores and even in online shops.

 Since finding products which I feel are safe for my family is so much harder than I thought it would be I decided to start researching how to make them.

I have severe eczema which is isolated to my hands and I have tried everything out there from milk baths to high potency prescription steroids. The latter worked the best but made me worry about what I  was putting on my already sensitive skin and the long term effects the products were having on me.

 I am nowhere near an expert but I am on a learning journey. I am going to be sharing my failures and successes with you so that your path may be easier than mine.

Feedback & Reviews

I have an Etsy shop where I also sell some of my products and this is what some of my customers have said about me

“This woman is amazing i had a little mishap in my order which was probably my fault 100% and she fixed it immediately at no cost to me at all she is a blessing and i will 100% recommend her to everyone”

Aimee Barros

Etsy Customer

“Love it, well made, beautiful.”

Barbara A.

Etsy Customer

“What you see is what you get! It’s beautiful! Super Comfortable. Great quality. Thank you for providing customers exactly what you are selling!”

Dalia Torrez

Etsy Customer

What Can I Do for You?

When The pandemic started I designed a face mask which offered protection, comfort and fashionable designs. I worked on it until I mastered my design and now I am working on creating a line of body products starting with soap.

I’m a mom who wants to create products great for myself, my children and all of you!

You can check out hte shop by clicking HERE!

Comment on any post with questions or suggestions!

I am in school going for a Bachelors in Business and I am excited to see how many people I can help with my business.