My 4 Little Ones Behind Raising Good People

About Tiffany|Raising Good People

Hi, I am Tiffany from Raising Good People!

Hubby and Me

I started Raising Good People because of my kids. I am a mom to 4 wonderful children but I only made 2. My other 2 are my step kids so we are a blended home and I love it.

My 3 Babies

All my kids are all uniquely different from each other and each one individually tries to find fun new ways to drive mom up the wall.

I am pursuing Elementary Education because I am passionate about helping children reach their potential.

Children don’t come with an instruction manual but they take significantly more effort than any college course.

While I do hope to have my own classroom one day I would also like to be helpful to other parents who have gone through some of the same challenges I have.

Our New Addition

Blogging seemed to me like a way to reach out to all you mommies and so I started during the pregnancy of my baby.

I didn’t know how much my own experiences could bring value to the lives of others. While I enjoy being with my children it is so nice to have this outlet where I can interact with other like minded mothers here on Raising Good People and other Mommy sites.

Parenting, Co-Parenting, Blending and Expanding.

We have to share half of our children with another parent.

My older 2 children, Melanie who turned 11 in Jan and Joshua Jr who turned 9 in Jan, are my step kids and my middle child, Amelia who turned 7 in Dec, is my baby from a previous marriage.

Amelia’s bio-father is not in the picture anymore and you can read about the tramatic event which lead to this conclusion HERE.

Hubby and I just had our 4th child and she is our first together and turning 1 already. Our little girl Arya. The children are excited to have a younger sibling and they play with her constantly.

Creating a happy yet blended home is challenging, but we are doing our best everyday to create a happy home.

I have also recently realized how many other mommies are dealing with the aftermath of domestic violence and the ensuing custody battles which can devastate after this kind of relationship has ended.

My previous marriage and divorce was tough for me but mostly because of how it affected my daughter and getting through the paperwork and court battles to gain the custody of your children is a tough road.

Leave a comment about your most challenging mommy event below!!!


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