My 4 Little Ones Behind Raising Good People

About Tiffany|Raising Good People

Hi, I am Tiffany from Raising Good People!

Hubby and Me

I started Raising Good People because of my kids. I am a mom to 4 wonderful children but I only made 2. My other 2 are my step kids so we are a blended home and I love it.

My 3 Babies

All my kids are all uniquely different from each other and each one individually tries to find fun new ways to drive mom up the wall.

I have always been crafty and I want to help other mom’s find their next project.

I want to be home with my children and I am trying to create a business I can be proud of right here on

Our New Addition

Blogging seemed to me like a way to reach out to all you mommies and so I started during the pregnancy of my baby. The journey has been long and hard and she is now a rambunctious 2 year old. Time is flying and I am on a quest to slow it down.

I didn’t know how much my own experiences could bring value to the lives of others. While I enjoy being with my children it is so nice to have this outlet where I can interact with other like minded mothers here and other Mommy sites.

Parenting, Co-Parenting, Blending and Expanding.

We have to share half of our children with another parent.

My older 2 children, Melanie who turned 12 in Jan and Joshua Jr who turned 10 in Jan, are my step kids and my middle child, Amelia who turned 8 in Dec, is my baby from a previous marriage.

Amelia’s bio-father is not in the picture anymore and you can read about the tramatic event which lead to this conclusion HERE.

Hubby and I just had our 4th child (seems like yesterday) and she is our first together, Our little girl Arya. The children are excited to have a younger sibling and they play with her constantly.

Creating a happy yet blended home is challenging, but we are doing our best everyday to create a happy home.

We live in some crazy and uncertain times and I have several activities to help keep the calm in your home.

Leave a comment about your most challenging mommy event below!!!


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