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How To Deal When Baby Wants To Be Held All The Time

I had a wonderful experience in the hospital only to come home and find out my baby wants to be held all the time!!

  • How am I supposed to keep up with my classes?
  • What do I do when my kitchen is a mess?
  • Are their others who have to deal with this?
  • When am I supposed to get the laundry done?
  • What am I going to do??????

I have had to try and figure it out on the go because like many of you my baby wants to be held all the time.


Accept Your Reality – Your Baby Wants To Be Held All The Time

  • Every baby has a unique personality.
  • We have all kinds of expectations of what our children will be like but the reality is that we don’t get to decide what our kids will be like.
  • This is something I struggle with constantly because I am a control freak and perfectionist. It is hard for me to take a step back and let my kids be their own people.
It’s not easy, but I’m working on it!


The first step to getting through the challenges is accepting what we can not change. Your baby loves you and your baby wants to be held all the time by you. This sounds fun until you have piles of laundry and dishes every where and you can’t put your baby down.

We need to think about things from our little one’s point of view. They can’t just pick up a book and start reading or flip on the television. They aren’t entertained unless we help them to be. My first daughter loved TV but this one is less enthused by it.

My little Arya wants to be carried so that she can see everything and be a part of what is going on around her. She is curious and I can’t blame her for wanting that.

Drop Everything – Just Get Out For A Bit

  • Sometimes when our external environment becomes hectic, like when there is a mess everywhere we look, we get very stressed.
  • When were stressed sometimes we need to take care of yourself first and calm down.
  • We can’t  calm down our baby when we, ourselves, are out of whack.
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Seriously drop everything. Go get dressed and leave your house.

  • Go to the grocery store or window shopping.
  • You may not feel like doing it but just close your eyes and count backwards from five. When you hit one get  up and start moving. I promise getting out helps.

Being a good girl

Sometimes my daughter will be so good for me while we are out even right after she was a brat at home. Baby’s are just tiny, little people with their own wants, needs and feelings and sometimes they just need a change of scenery.

  • While you are spending some quality time out, try to stimulate their senses.
  • Pick up objects in the store and show it to the little one.
  • Grab a leaf off of a bush and talk about it.
  • Explain to them what they are seeing.
  • This might feel silly but it will get their brains working and help them learn faster plus it might even wear them out.

Use A Stroller – Go For A Walk Or Push It Around House

If you absolutely don’t want to get in the car then put baby in the stroller and walk out the door. Just a quick walk up and down the street can help so much. My daughter is only 3 months old and already she is trying to sit up. She gets frustrated when her body won’t do for itself what she wants it to and the regular stroller helps her through it.

My daughter is 1 now and can walk. She has more freedom and gives me more freedom too. Sometimes she still just wants to be held and I try to soak up the love because the time flys by and I know that I will miss this when she is older.

If your environment is driving you nuts then remove yourself from your environment. Going for a walk is a great way to reduce your stress, get some exercise and maybe even get that little one to take a nap outside your arms.

When you get home push your little one right into the house and get something done (even if that thing is just a nap).

Drop Quiet Time – Put On Some Tunes And Boogie For Stress Relief

  • Don’t worry about keeping it quiet.
  • Keep the music going and give your baby a dance party.
  • I am all about mom getting some exercise while entertaining the little one.
  • Exercise is always a good way to reduce stress which is beneficial for you and baby.
  • Stimulating your little one can help to reach those nap times more quickly too.

That constant level of noise will make it easier to keep baby asleep for a bit longer at nap times. Keeping the noise up will also allow you to do things like vacuum without worrying you’ll wake them.

Splurge On A Baby Carrier – Strap On And Get Some Work Done

  • I have an Ergo but even a smaller cheaper version will give your arms a little rest when your baby wants to be held all the time.
  • Bending down to pick things up off the floor is still a bit challenging but it is a whole lot better than trying to balance baby in your arms.
  • Remember the way you used to do things sideways when you were pregnant well just revert to that when you have this on and it is a lot easier.

Baby carries magic

My girl refuses to go in it when it is warm but on a cool day this is a life saver. The small lightweight ones like this work great year round.

Fill The Cracks – Do Daily Tasks In 5 To 10 Min Increments

  • One minute here and there can add up to big results.
    • Don’t get discouraged if you only get one load of laundry done.
    • Adopt a one load each day policy.
  • When you switch the load don’t fold it in the garage.
    • Throw it in a basket and dump it on the bed.
    • Flatten everything out and then it won’t wrinkle even if you can’t fold it all at once.
  • Wash dishes a couple at a time.
    • A whole sink full can be daunting.
    • Tell yourself your going to wash 3 then do more if you can.
  • Don’t stress about the mess, rather just know you will do things slowly but surely. Isn’t that what won the race anyways.

Get Help From Family and Friends

When you need some you time (or just a nap) give a relative or friend a call. They will probably really enjoy some baby time and you can catch a breather. My Sister-In-Law is a wonderful breath giver and I am so thankful for my adopted family.

Sister Love

My older kids love to help too. When they get home from school they will sit with their little sis for a bit which allows me at least 10 mins to go finish something real quick.

Invest In A Chair – Sit Up A Baby Who Wants To Be Held All The Time

The chair is amazing. It gives my babe support to stay sitting for like 20 mins. I put Moana on one time and she watched it from the chair until the first few songs were done and they started talking.

Between school and Raising Good People I am on the computer a lot. I setup the play pin right next to my desk and she will sit next to me. I also adopted a one handed typing technique so that she can hold my other hand.

less than 3 months in the chair

Side Lay Nursing – Swaddle And Feed For An Easier Nap Time

This is my best trick yet. For moms who breastfeed, the side lay position can be a life saver.  I nurse her to sleep and when she lets go on her own then I gently back away.

Side lay sleeping baby

Don’t forget a book or phone as this can take a little while.If they wake and stir then try a binky.

This usually gives me at least 20 mins and sometimes over an hour. Don’t worry I burp her as soon as she wakes up and she gets some good rest.

Worse Comes To Worse Do It Later – Moms With Babes Know About Sacrifice

At the end of the day having a dirty house might seem like the end of the world but you’ll survive it I promise. Your baby will be growing fast and will eventually grow out of wanting all your affection. When that happens you will miss it terribly. If your baby wants to be held all the time then hold your baby. They grow up so fast and you don’t want to miss it just because your house needed to be cleaned.

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