Beginner's Guide to Baby's First Year

The Beginners Guide To Baby’s First Year

The Beginners Guide to Baby’s First Year

First of all CONGRATS on becoming a parent! It is so much fun and I am so excited for you to experience your baby’s first year.

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  • For new moms there is information about so many different topics when it comes to baby’s first year. I have done some of the footwork for you and pulled a bunch of the information into the same place.
  • I am a mommy of two little girls. My first just turned 7 and my youngest is turning one this week. I know first hand the challenges you will face. My girls were completely different and definitely showed me that the experiences with every child in unique.

What is a Baby?

  • A baby is a new little one from birth to 12 months old.
  • After the 12th month your little baby is considered a toddler.
Beginner's Guide To Baby's First Year

What Do You Need For Baby’s First Year

  • Baby’s need so much stuff! This is a quick guide to the initial products you need to bring your baby home.
    • Newborn
      • Crib or Bassinet
      • Diapers
      • Onesies
      • Pants
      • Wipes
      • Blankets
      • Baby Sling
      • Swing
      • Bouncer
      • Swaddles
      • Bath Chair
      • Baby BLaundry Detergent
      • Body and Hair Wash
      • Baby Lotion
      • Washcloths
      • Nursing Pads
      • Breast Pump
      • Breast Milk Storage Bag
      • Nipple Butter
      • Baby Powder (without talc)
    • For Bottle Feed Newborns
      • Bottles
      • Formula
      • Pacifier
    • Older Babies
      • All Above
      • High Chair
      • Walker
      • Walking Shoes
      • Baby Locks
      • Baby Gates

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Tips for Success in Baby’s First Year

  • The best way to be successful in baby’s first year is to know when to ask for help.
  • At first, sleep when baby sleeps and later cook clean or have some “me” time when baby sleeps
  • There is a difference between a coo in their sleep and a wakeful cry. Shhh…wait to see which one it is.
  • Do some reading. Here are my favorite mommy books:
What to Expect Book
The Happiest Baby on the Block Book

Common Questions/FAQ About Baby’s First Year

  • How much do newborns sleep?

    • Newborns actually sleep upto about 18 hours a day. That does not mean mommy gets a full nights rest. Newborns are up every 2 to 5 hours and will stay up until they are good and ready to go back to sleep.
  • Is there anything a mommy should avoid while breastfeeding?

    • Yes there is. Even though your little one isn’t in the womb any longer doesn’t mean that you can go buck wild although your diet can relax a bit.
    • Avoid high mercury foods such as some fish, excessive caffeine, and overly processed foods like hotdogs (they can cause cancer anyways so we should all avoid them), excessive amounts of alcohol ( drink right after you nurse in order to give your body a few hours to process it before nursing again)
  • Is honey really bad for my baby?

    • Honey itself is not harmful to babies but does often have trace amounts of the botulism bacteria in it. This is not enough to harm a toddler or child but babies are so fragile they have linked the bacteria to death.
    • There are some cultures who give honey to infants from day 1 with little to no effects.
  • How long does it take for the umbilical cord to fall off?

    • Again each baby is different and sometimes accidents happen. Some come off early but others take a couple of weeks and usually by week 3. If not then consult your pediatrician.
  • Why does my Baby’s skin look like that?

    • Blue- Consult the Pediatrician, blue usually means not enough oxygen or hemoglobin in the blood.
    • Peeling- Natural, Your baby was soggy for 9 months and is now drying out
    • Pimples- Natural, don’t pop them and keep baby clean, they will go away
    • Redish- Natural, keep baby clean and consult a pediatrician if you worry or it looks painful
    • Yellow- Consult the Pediatrician, yellow can mean jaundice which can be a sign that some organs are having a hard time.
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  • When do babies get their teeth?

    • Most start getting their teeth around four months but every baby’s growth is unique. In rare cases, a baby may be born with a tooth or go without them until a year.
Beginner's Guide To Baby's First Year
Beginner's Guide To Baby's First Year
Beginner's Guide To Baby's First Year
Beginner's Guide To Baby's First Year

The Last Thing You Need to Know About Baby’s First Year

  • Whether you are a new mom or a mom again you are going to mess up sometimes, ….. because guess what ….all us mommies are only human. Your little one probably won’t even notice and if they do give them a hug, they are very forgiving.
  • Be sure to comment with your Mommy Mishaps below!


2 thoughts on “The Beginners Guide To Baby’s First Year”

  1. Hi, thanks for sharing! I didn’t realize the baby can turn blue! I would think this will be something serious and will most likely happen when we’re still in the hospital before we’re discharged? or is there any other reason why a baby might suddenly turn blue (lack of oxygen )when they’re at home?

    Anyway, it would be great as well if there are guides and tips on baby feeding, sleep training, and activities to assist in baby’s development stages for the first year.

    I am a new mom myself and looking for ideas for my Lil girl who is fast approaching 1-year-old!

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