When You Think “I Want To Bond Better With My Kids”

Everyone gets taken away with technology sometimes. I have often found my time disappearing under a mountain of the newest  likes, retweets, shares and messages. When I noticed my kids doing the same I wondered how I could bond better with my kids.

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Think back just 15 – 20 years ago….. Remember when cell phones were so big that they couldn’t fit in your pocket?

I do.

When I was a child I spent my time wondering outside, riding my bike, studying nature and learning social behavior through trial and error.

Flash forward to more recent times and we find massive amounts of entertainment which we carry around in a device smaller than a wallet. There are numerous ways to discover information and learn but in the current society it is accepted to “google” it rather than research it.

So when I asked myself  “How do I bond better with my kids?” I had a hard time figuring it out when technology was included

How do we answer the question “How do I bond better with my kids?”

First we need to remember the children of today don’t understand a time without technology.

  • They have bikes they rarely touch.
  • Their toys sit idle in a container collecting dust.
  • Going outdoors seems a punishment.
  • The attention span of the average child has dropped below that of a common goldfish.
  • And we are frightened to let them out of our sight.


What does that mean for our children?

  • They will fight the change to no tech time.
  • It will be a struggle for us.
  • Our kids will get used to it.
  • The change will lead to you thinking “I can bond better with my kids”

The hard part about this is getting them to look away from the phones and at the world around them.

I want my kids to learn how to live a real life rather than one based solely on a screen.

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Can parents help their children combat this craze?

Yes and No.

We can’t eliminate the threat to our children’s social proclivities but we can show them there is more to life than the screen. After all we too have gotten caught up.

3 Easy steps when you think i want to bond better with my kids

Here are some simple steps to connect with your kids in a personal rather than techy way:


  1. Put the phones on silent and turn the TVs off. (I know this one is tough for everyone but it gets easier).

    • This will stop yourself and your kids from losing sight of what you are doing.
    • Use an actual radio to play music to avoid phone or screen fiddling.
  2. Talk to your children about their favorite things to do that don’t include tech.

    • Ask them questions in different way. Get specific with this to avoid “I don’t know” (This will give you an easy way to regularly include activities your children like without guessing)
  3. Schedule no tech time each week to do family activities

    • Board Games
    • Go Hiking
    • Write a story
    • Read a Book
    • Have a Conversation
    • Do a Craft
    • Teach Them to Cook
    • Make up your Own

By implementing these 3 easy steps into your daily lives you can create a stronger bond and get to know your child more for who they are!

Create a better bond with your kids through these 3 easy steps to better bonding
Create a better bond with your kids through these 3 easy steps to better bonding
Create a better bond with your kids through these 3 easy steps to better bonding
Create a better bond with your kids through these 3 easy steps to better bonding
Have an idea I didn’t list? Comment below with your idea and I will add it!
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