Co-Parenting Cna Be Beautiful when these 9 Questions Are Answered First

9 Things To Ask When Co-Parenting

Cooperative parenting, or Co-Parenting, for the kids is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, most never achieve co-parenting. Parents do not separate for painless reasons. This means that the co-parenting relationship starts out already strained from the beginning. We must remember that although it affects our lives, our children’s lives are their own and they need support …

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Getting Past Domestic Violence is Difficult When You Have To Co-Parent and can't find domestic violence help

Co-Parenting After Abuse and Getting Domestic Violence Help

Spreading awareness can lead to domestic violence help becoming more readily available to those who need it. Parenting gives us loads of challenges. Victims of abusive relationships often have an even harder time trying to over come these challenges. Some don’t even realize they are being abused. Contrary to popular belief ending an abusive relationship …

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5 Ways To Break Your Snack Habit

I have a horrible problem with snacking. Sometimes I crave sweets but usually it is the salty snacks I go for.I am not proud to say that my most dear snacks I tend to hide from my kids and husband so that I don’t feel obligated to share with them.