Child Education

When we think back on our childhood and remember all the fun things our parents taught us we didn’t know that it was child education we were experiencing.

Give your child education a boost!

Get Your Kids Started With Money Knowledge

Money Management For Kids

Have you ever struggled to pay bills or ended up with credit card debit? Help your children avoid it with this easy to follow program.



Step 2_Learning to Read

Step 2: Learning to Read

Teaching children to read is a daunting task when you don’t know where to start. Follow this step-by-step guide for easy success from the start. The second step in learning to read is learning the CVC words by tracking and blending. This breaks it down for you so you can start applying these skills today.



Antartica small

Regions Fact Sheets

Science is as important a subject for our children to learn as any other and can be far more interesting because of all the things it can cover. When I copuld not get my kids to focus I went a little crazy while trying to consolidate facts for myself. I put them on the big screen and I found that my audience was easy to capture. Find Out how!



Step 1: Learning How To Read Basics Step 1_Learning to Read

One of the most important things a child learns in their early years is how to read. As parents we can sometimes feel overwhelmed when it comes to teaching our kids something so crucial for their development. If we break it down in to easy steps then it does not seem so daunting. Here is Step 1.




 How Do You Make Sure Your Baby Grows Up Successful?

If you want to give your child the best start you can possibly give them, then you need to read these tips from both experts and moms who have gone through it all.




Why You Should Try ABCMouse For Your Kids

I am all about educating the future. I have found no better aid (especially for those who don’t know where to start and those who speak a language other than English) to assist in the prepping of younger children for the classroom.




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