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I am a co-parent and my first child has a co-parent as well. Working together can be challenging especially when there are so many parents involved. We have to remember that a calm and happy home is the best thing for our children to grow up in. Keeping it that way is a parents job no matter the feelings you have for the other parents.

Getting along for the sake of the children is tough but aren’t they worth it?

11 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Step Kid's Mom


11 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Step Kid’s Mom

I am constantly reminded of my Step Kid’s Mom’s insecurity when it comes to me. I wish she would accept these 11 things.



It hurts everyone when fathers rights are abused


When Father’s Rights Are Abused

Good Fathers deserve equal time with their children but why should the abusive ones get that same time?



9 Things You Need To Ask When Co-Parenting

Cooperative parenting, or co-parenting, where both are involved in the daily lives of the kids is a beautiful thing. Achieving this is difficult but well worth the journey.



Co- Parenting After Domestic Violence

Parenting is a constant struggle to get right. When you add domestic violence into the mix it only gets harder. Read my story and leave yours.