DIY Baby Pictures

New moms get so busy and often get little sleep to go along with it. Remembering to set up a photo session every couple months for your little one can easily escape our to-do lists. I decided DIY Baby Pictures were for me and my new daughter had her newborn pictures done by mommy!

steps to DIY Baby Photos

DIY Baby Pictures Don’t Have To Be Scary Or Take Forever!!

  1. Setup An Area For Your DIY Baby Pictures.

    • Find an area with lighting.

      • Natural lighting from the sun is best. Choose an area near some big windows. If your options are limited try for nice bright overhead lighting.Good Lighting
    • Make it comfortable.

      • Setting up on top of a comforter will let baby feel comfy for your DIY baby pictures. Moving a coffee table to the lighting and adding the comfort works best for me.comfort
    • Create a solid backdrop.

      • A White Sheet works well for most outfits. You can always add to your photos later with editors too. Don’t worry too much though if you don’t have one. Just try for a solid color.backdrop
  2. Get Outfit Changes.

    • Have an easy to switch outfit area.

      • I setup my outfits along my couch or bed.
    • Be sure to pick your favorites.

      • I take my time with this step. I don’t want to realize later that I either missed out or have to set up again.
    • Don’t forget accessories.

      • Little toys, hats or bows can take your pictures to a more professional level.Picture Stuff
  3. Use Different Poses

    • Baby’s comfort is most important

      • Making sure baby’s needs are all meet and being sure to nurse or use a binki are important steps to making sure baby is comfortable.
    • Don’t rush.

      • The beauty of taking pictures at home is that your not confined to someone else’s schedule. Getting the right shoots might take patience but it is worth it.
    • Pinterest some poses

      • I spent some time looking through the photos of others and picked all my favorites

Taking amazing pictures of your kids can be as easy as 1-2-3. This was my first try a baby pictures a couple of months ago.

My 1st DIY Baby Pictures         2nd DIY Baby Pictures

I did those newborn pictures with only about 5 minutes of set up. I used an iPhone 6 Plus but whatever you have is what you should use.


These 3 month pictures were just done. I wanted more outfits and poses but she wasn’t having it. I will do a second session in a couple days.

Additional Tips for Great DIY Baby Pictures:

  • Be Sure to Clean Your Lens
  • Hold as Steady as Possible for 3 Seconds After You Take the Picture
  • Don’t Forget That This is Suppose to be Fun!!!


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