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DIY Easy Paint Night

My children are creative. I believe all children are creative. That creativity can die as they grow into adulthood but a child’s imagination can be nurtured into an amazing thing.

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As an adult I have lost a great deal of creativity and have t work very hard to get out some artsy stuff. I don’t want that for my kids so I try to schedule art nights a couple times a week. This can include painting, coloring making something, or making stories.

I am starting with painting in this post. A water color set brushes and canvas is a great way to make your kids feel like they are having a special messy craft night.

DIY Paint Night.jpg

Some supplies you will need:

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Use these tips to keep your home clean in the process.

Tip 1: GET A TABLECLOTH!!! I can not stress this on enough. Get a cheap throw away one that can take all the dirty clean up away in one easy step.

Tip 1 1/2: Squirt paint directly onto tablecloth to avoid extra clean up of plates lids etc.

Tip 2: Have your kitchen sink cleared out and ready for dumping paint filled water.

Tip 3: Have an old towel ready for the paint brushes to dry on. Dish soap is great for getting all the paint out the brushes.

Tip 4: Once dry roll the brushes up in the towel and use a hair tie to keep it all together


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