DIY Face Mask With Freebie Pattern

When COVID-19 broke out in the US and the stores ran out of face masks I scoured Pinterest and Amazon in search of a cute and functional pattern I could use for my family. I didn’t find what I was looking for so I practiced on my family until I came up with this DIY Face Mask pattern in various sizes ranging from toddler to XL Adult Man.

Viruses can travel so easily in droplets from anyone around us sneezing or coughing. This is terrifying when you have kids and you also have to go grocery shopping.

Now I’m not going to lie my first couple attempts didn’t come out great but it only took me a couple weeks to fix the errors I was making and come up with a face mask I could truly DIY.

The best way we can protect ourselves against viruses like COVID-19 is to help each other find protection from them too. This is why I am going to share this pattern with you for free. There are step by step instructions you can follow too.

Anyone can do it if you take your time. If the time is too much to give  I have several for sell on Etsy where you can skip the work and order your DIY face mask pre-made by the creator.

Step 1-Cut Out You Mask Pattern

My mask pattern is kinda rough because it is hand drawn but it is what I have used for all of my masks and I have not found a better one yet.

The smallest size is for babies or young toddlers, the second size is for older toddlers and very young children, the third size is for older children, the fourth is for teenagers and woman, the fifth is for men and the largest is for XL men

Step 2-Pin Pattern to the Material and Cut

You need 4 total cuts if you choose to make a double layer mask and 6 total cuts if you choose a triple layer mask.

pin pattern to the fabric

Step 3-Sew the Pieces into Layers

The layers sewn together

Align the pieces into the 2 or 3 layers right sides together as shown. The wrong side of fabric should be facing out.

Step 4-Pin Layers Together and Sew

Align the right side of both the outer layers together and if using a third layer place that on the inside of the other two layers. I usually just pin around the seems to keep them together.

First sew straight across the top then straight across the bottom

Three layers together

Step 5-Flip Right Side Out, Tuck Seems and Add Elastic

how to untuck

Flip right side out by pulling the layers through themselves and flatten them out. Check to be sure all seems are holding and redo any seems that need mending. 

Tuck ends in and pin in elastic ear bands measured to your own liking. Sew straight down both sides. 


Me modeling the finished mask

I’ve included a video guide below if you need more instruction. 

If you would rather purchase the items premade you can do so in my Etsy shop.

Don’t forget to post a comment about your experience with this pattern. You can also email me a picture of your mask and I will feature it here. or tag me on instagram @raisinggoodpeople

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