Finding the Balence to come back to business

Finding The Balance

It seems like being busy is a trend that never goes away. Even when I am home all day, or even all week, there are to-do lists to check. Groceries to buy, weeds to pull, kids to clean up after and dinner to cook is the repetitive tone of my life. Raising Good People has taken a backseat in my journey forward. I didn’t mean to do it yet over time with the move, and having a toddler at home, and doing school, and working. I am in the process of refocusing and simplifying my life. RGP is going to be an important part of this process. I am taking some time to revamp the existing site to make match the journey better.

Reflection is an important part of learning and life. I was listening to James Wedmore and I am trying to put some of his recommendations into action. I want to make this blog into a business that help parents and through them their children. I am in my last year of school studying Elementary Education and I am so excited to share some of the secrets I have learned in my education to help you teach your children at home. I also have my own school aged children who I am learning a great deal from.

Education has changed a lot since we were children. Some of it is better and some not so much. The balance of the two; old and new I think is what it is lacking. Please comment your questions about education, not just school but on how to educate your children on anything from managing money to woodworking. I promise I will scour the internet and libraries so you don’t have to and I will supply you with an answer which is backed by facts and is simple to apply.

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