First Month of Blogging. Goals!

It is important in any business venture to lay out a plan for yourself and stick to it. I have done tons of research on others blogs to find out what the successful people are doing to not only start their blog but also grow it and boost its reach.

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After doing all this research and finally starting a new blog I decided to immediately construct a set of First month goals for myself to get myself going on the right track.

Blogging Tips_


  • Increase followers by 50 across all social media accounts
  • Create a twitter, custom pinterest page, facebook page, stumbleupon, and any other media I happen upon
  • Write 8 new blog posts
  • Post to each social media account at least 1-2 times every 2 days
  • Create a journal of new post ideas
  • Find ways to monetize my site with ads of my own and affiliates

Since I am writing this post in the middle of my 1st month some of these goals are well on their way to being completed already.

I look forward to documenting my journey from a working blogger into the realm of a full-time blogger. Many of you are interested in how to turn an idea into cash and I can tell you the #1 opinion I have read is you must commit yourself to creating great content and give it time. Don’t Give UP!

Since I am very new to this life style I would appreciate it very much if you left me comments with any suggestions. I would not reject you following me on any of my media or here on my web page either to aid in my new starter reach.

I am in love with blogging already and can’t wait to read more and learn more ways to be successful. But for now I am off to work my soon to be old job.


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