First Year of Parenting

Getting Through The First Year of Parenting

So you have a new baby. This is a blessing. It is also difficult. The first year of parenting is a learn while you go job.

There is definitely a lot to learn in your first year of parenting. Figuring out where to start is tough.

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Even if you read all the books, listen to all the advice and watch other people do it all day us mommies actually learn how to have a baby each day we do it.

Just when you figure it out your baby will start something new and your back to square one.

Getting Through The First Year Of Parenting
Parenting is hard but your not in this alone. Here’s some tips to help.

Different Strategies Every Time

Not only is it different with your own kids than others but even from one child to the next there are vast differences in that first year of parenting. Every little kid is their own unique person right from the beginning and  the strategies you used for an older sibling may not work for your new baby.

Where to Start

Going through the first month or so of the newborn stage can seem a blur of feedings, doctor appointments, diaper changes and non-nap times.

  • It is important to get organized as soon as your able to.
  • Start with one simple goal a day. Your goal may even only be to take a shower but make it obtainable.
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On Going organization

Grab your self a daily or weekly planner so that you can keep on top of important dates and events. I love to used Trello with my Journals and Suzi over at has this post about templates

Some Things to Include

  • Doctors Appointment
  • Photography Reminders
  • Movie Night with Dad
  • Me Time
  • Dinner Plans
  • Family Events

Some Things To Remember The First Year Of Parenting Doesn’t Last Forever

  • Take tons of pictures because everything creeps by so slowly while simultaneously flying by.
  • Take naps often when the baby naps.
  • Don’t stress about the small things.
  • A messy house never killed anyone.
  • Ask for help when you need it, moms give up some of their pride for their children.
  • Find adult support groups
    • Mommy and me
    • Facebook Groups
    • Bloggers
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