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There are several interesting place in the world. My kids used to give me a hard time about sitting down to learn new things. I could not figure out how to get them interested.

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The world has so many natural and man made wonders. I started putting together fun fact sheets , kinda like mini posters featuring different places, things and events.

I have a connector for my television so I can connect my computer or phone on the big screen. I put the fact sheets up on the screen. It was almost like magic.

My kids stopped what they were doing and were reading about Antarctica and the Amazon rain forest. They started asking me about other places they wanted me to make sheets for.

Antartica small

I thought to myself “I have figured it out”

I immediately got to it. I have an ongoing list of sheets to make. I am constantly creating new ones. I have decided to give this tool to other parents too.

I have started putting the the digital downloads onto the internet so other parents can discover this great fix to uncooperative learners as well. I am working on making these all printer friendly. I am putting them up one at a time and once I have a good number of them then I will release them as a bigger set.

For Now this set of 3 can get you started on the easy learning path



-Kalahari Desert


Regions Fact Sheets




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