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Get My Picky Eater To Eat

My Daughter Eats Through Her Eyes! This lead me to ask How Do I Get My Picky Eater To Eat?

So how do I get my picky eater to eat? Being a picky eater is when a person refuses to eat many foods or wants to eat the same foods over and over again. My daughter Amelia would rather sit at the table staring at her spinach for two hours then taste that gross green stuff.

What Is This

Do you worry about your child getting the correct nutrition? Your Not Alone!

What I came to find out is that it is completely normal for your toddler or young child to avoid most foods. (It sure does seem like most foods).

When you take the group of 1 to 6 year olds, most have some kind of aversion to foods. This probably has to do with some kind of natural instinct to stop them from eating poisonous things outside.(Even though they seem fond of sand, go figure).

Not so good looking to kids

The foods they refuse to eat are usually the ones with the best nutritional value for them. So how do we get picky eaters to eat?

Remember the Basics

  • Eliminate Distractions
    • Meal times should be used to up the amount of family time everyday. Get rid of the phones and television. Use this time to talk to your kids about their likes and dislikes, and ask about their day.
  • Model Good Behavior
    • Be sure you are eating all the foods you gave them. Even if you don’t like them you eat them too.
  • Keep The Mood Light
    • Don’t let sour moods about not being able to get your picky eater to eat creep into your table time.
  • Limit Meal Time
    • 30 mins should be a limit set at the table. more time won’t mean more food is eaten and once they goto school that is all they will get. It is better to get them in the habit of allotted meal times now.
  • Give Plenty Of Meal Times
    • Make up for shorter meal times with more meal times 4-6. Once good eating habits are in place switch some to light snacks.
  • Age-Appropriate Foods
    • This doesn’t mean you have to eat applesauce. Just remember kids take time to adjust to strong flavors and spices. So spice their portions with less than the adults.
    • Kid sized bites on their plates will encourage more eating so cut it small. Remember small stomachs = small portions.
  • Introduce New Foods 1 At A Time.
    • The best way to get picky eaters to eat new foods is to try 1 at a time. Put brocclli on the menu several nights a week and have them try a little bit each time. Eventually they get used to it and won’t fight so hard.
  • Let Them Feed Themselves (Mess Is OK)
    • Kids make messes. Parenting is a messy job. Don’t be afraid of it plus you can have them help pick up and it will encourage good habits.mess is ok to get my picky eaters to eat

Make a Food Journal

If you try these things and nothing seems to work then write down everything you get your picky eater to eat. Maybe you only feel like it isn’t working. Plus if your truly worried you have something to take their next physical.

Ask Their Doctor

As long as they are growing and not dropping weight you probably have nothing to worry about but making a list of questions for their doctor will make you feel better.

Vitamins Are Usually Easy To Get My Picky Eater To Eat.

Multivitamins come in different textures and tastes. If one doesn’t work try another.

If you need more help then try pinterest. There are tons of great recipes on there that helped me get my picky eater to eat.

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