How Do You Make Sure Your Baby Grows Up Successful?

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  1. Bond with Baby early. Experts show that when babies feel safe their brains are free to grow. Babies who feel scared turn off brain power until their safety returns.


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2. Talk to baby a lot. Experts describe in their research that the use of language in a baby’s everyday lives can help to develop their view of the world.


Author of book Bright From the Start , Jill Stamm says “The more (baby’s brain) hears the patterns of language, the easier language learning becomes.”


book 2

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Even just telling baby about your day or reading to baby will help them learn language faster.


I would also point out that baby talk is not productive. You can talk in the “baby talk” voice but when it comes to slurred words or non words it can confuse baby’s brain.

3. Get In Baby’s Face. The more you are playing with baby in their face the quicker they will be able to recognize emotions. So feel free to ogle at them all day.


4. No More Carseats. Of course while in the car children should be in a car seat until they are big enough to no longer be in one. However when not in a car, babies spend a significant amount of time in these seats.



This restricts movement and stops important interactions between baby and baby’s environment. She get that baby out and let them move.

5. Show Baby What Your Talking About. Point or hold up objects to your baby as you tell them what it is. This will help baby to recognize these and relate its name to its image.



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Doing all these things will not only allow baby’s brain to growth as rapidly as possible but also give you and baby much more time together, which is always a good thing.


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