DIY Phonics Activity which can teach ABC's, Numbers or Sight Words in a Fun Easy to do Way

Leaf Quest Game Tutorial

Leaf Quest is a Phonics game to help your little one discover the joys in nature while practicing their letter recognition, sight words or numbers.

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Materials Needed

Collecting The Leaves

  • While collecting the leaves is fun it can also be a great learning experience.
  • Show your little one any insects or other interesting things you uncover
    • Be sure to specify “Nice” bugs from “Mean” bugs.
    • This can also help to avoid future bug bites.
    • Keep close supervision on smaller children.
  • You don’t need exactly one leaf per letter or word.
    • It’s actually better to start with a few letters at a time and gradually mix in more as their comprehension increases.
    • Play around with the word to letter to leaf ratios to see what you like best.
    • Collect as many or few as you’d like and double up on the letters.
    • For Older Kids: write sight words for them to practice

Labeling the Leaves

  • Decide which letter to start learning with
    • I like to start with the letters in their name
    • Professional recommended first letters are C, F, M, P, S, & T
      • This is because they have a higher frequency in words than other letters.
  • TIP: Try drawing a letter in a lighter color and letting them draw over it while you finish the rest.
    • They might get marker on themselves, its OK to let them have their fun…just not too much.
Easy to Play Phonics Game to teach ABC's, Numbers and Sight Words

Playing Leaf Quest Phonics Game

  • Start with a leaf or two and let them fall over your little ones head. They will most likely look at you to figure out why.
  • Then just giggle and sprinkle, or throw, them over you both.
  • Pick up random leaves and show them.
  • Say the letter name and sound.
  • Laugh and tickle your little.
  • Repeat as many times as you wish.

Nature Walk

Use leaf quest to get outside and explore with your kids. We are too often absorbed in television while the real world passes us by right outside. Playing to learn will help your kids learn faster and you will create lasting memories and build a better bond.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Playing Phonics Games

  • When kids have fun they will learn faster. Keep it light. Your child is growing so fast and before you know it they will be doing everything on their own. Cherish these moments and make lots of memories filled with laughter.
  • What was your experience? I love hearing about the things kids say. What did your littles say while playing this game?
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