Step 1: Learn Reading Basics: Jumpstart Reading

Learn Reading Basics is a step by step digital guide to making a Jumpstart Reading program with your kids. Phonics is a great place to start. Also include the letter combination sounds such as ph.

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We live in an age of technology. My daughter could work an iPhone by the time she turned two while I didn’t even have a computer in my home until the age of 13. Not to mention the cell phones back then could not even fit in a purse!


old cell


How do we adapt to this new age and help teach our children the basics like reading? Do people even read books anymore?




The simple answer is YES! There is a plethora of amazing information out in the world and when we take a look at the digital old we can be blown away by the amount of information available at our fingertips.


digital data


As children we were faced with an older generation not understanding the current times and being confused by the advancement of the technology around them. The young children of today will blow us away in that same sort of way.


How then are we to help guide and mold their young years to help them start successfully?


The first step for me was to Accept the technology!


This is a really big one and this was really hard for me to do at first. When I was a new mom I wanted to protect my baby’s eyes and not manipulate her mind with digital information. As I grew with my first daughter I came to see how silly this was.

Amelia and iPad

I don’t want to be like my parents. I want to be better than them and that meant I needed to stop fighting the advancement of technology which my precious little baby would eventually get her hands on with or without my help.

When this happened I needed to know that I could control what kind of information she saw and how she would approach finding new info. Many websites now are starting to adapt to the startling number of children entering the internet as well. Parental controls and specialty apps are a good place for children to safely discover the wonders of technology.

There is also an app


This resource is an absolutely amazing way to discover an ever changing flow of content your child will love( even if it seems strange to you)


Here are the Letter Worksheets I used when I was teaching my little ones their letters. You Can Get Them By Clicking Here!

The Letters Worksheet

Checkout these Youtube Videos to help teach your little one the basics;




Once your child gets the letter sounds down then the fun part starts and you can move on to

CVC words

High Frequency Sight Words






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