My Goals for 2018 are about to start

Modeling Healthy Behavior

There is a lot of expectations I put on my children. Make good choices. Be a good person. Don’t be lazy. Do your chores. Eat healthy. Get off the electronics. But what I have come to realize is that I am not always modeling healthy behavior. How can I expect so much from my kids if I am failing in some of these areas myself?

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2018 is here and it is time to change and be better at modeling healthy behavior.

I am going to chronicle my journey here on raising good people. In the process I am going to be changing my eating habits and force myself to get moving and exercise more.

I want to be successful and in order to do that I am not going to try to force extremes right away, although they will be my goals later. Through my research I have found out some things I regularly do which are slowly killing me and my family, like eating hotdogs. DID YOU KNOW THAT PROCESSED MEATS ARE JUST AS BAD FOR YOU AS SMOKING CIGARETTES OR BEING EXPOSED TO ARSENIC??!!??

I didn’t but I heard the rumor and looked it up on the government websites. It was posted there, plain as day, and processed meats are potentially giving my kids cancer. Aren’t you outraged that no one told you before now, I am. I will not be eating any processed meats any more. That is going to be step 1 for me. I am nearing the end of my pregnancy and I will be taking it a bit easy for the first couple weeks, but I am going to start by taking a walk 3-4 times a week and I will try to make it hiking at least every 2.

If you want to find out more information you can watch the documentaries Cowspiracy and What the Health. They break down the information in an easy to follow way.

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