Month 3 Blogging Update

Month 3: I am excited to share some of our new goals and also document our successes and failures.

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Oct 1, 2017 was the start of our favorite time of the year here at Raising Good People. The Holiday season is a wonderful time when we are given the opportunity to share so much with our family and friends.

This past month and especially the past couple of weeks I have been going easy on the posts and article because I have been working on creating some very exciting content. I am creating a program that can be a valuable tool for parents or teachers to help teach their children to read. I have completed a small group of worksheets and am working on some ebooks and have a very busy schedule set for myself this October.

Some things we should know about blogging:

  1. Facebook is harder to gain a following on but the followers do interact better.
  2. Twitter is easy to gain followers but they don’t interact much.
  3. Pinterest is difficult to gain a following but once you do they are loyal.
  4. Instagram is a great platform but difficult to find a way to post from computer. (any suggestions?)
  5. Video seems to be a must now and our blog will be testing this

Last months goals:

  • Reach 25 followers on Pinterest
    • On my Pinterest Made specifically for RGP I went to 23 followers however my personal pinterest page has increased over this number to 28 followers. Both of these accounts do share very similar board types.
  • Get 50 visitors this month (previous was 35 visitors and 51 views)
    • I received 66 visitors and 76 page views. I love that even though I did not worry about as many posts due to content creation I was still able to accomplish this goal
  • Publish 2 post a week
  • Increase Twitter following to 300
    • My twitter following is at 208. There was a dip back in the 100’s when I did not not do much posting. I set up an automatic tweet system though with IFTTT and since then my twitter following is growing organically without much effort from me. I just add new tweets to my schedule occasionally and mix up some other peoples content as well which have good information for my followers
  • Start Snapchat
    • I did start a snapchat and have occasionally gone on it, however it is not my main social media focus right now.
  • Start StumbleUpon
    • I will be postponing this into the goals for this coming month since I did not get around to it.
  • Create Journal of Post Ideas
    • I did start a small journal of posting ideas which I will be continuously adding to. There is some very good stuff coming up in the future due to this goal.
  • Post to social media 5x a week per media
    • With the addition of some automated features I have been able to accomplish this rather easily.

Month 3 of Blogging

New Goals for Oct 2017 Month 3

  • Increase social media following by 5%
  • Get 75 visitors this month
  • Publish 6 posts
  • Start StumbleUpon
  • Add 10 ideas to Journal of Post Ideas
  • Post to Social Media 5x a week per media
  • Complete set 1 of worksheets
  • Complete set 1 of ebook


Month 1 Goals reviewed

  • Increase followers by 50 across all social media accounts
    • Twitter- from 0 to 197 followers
    • Facebook- from 0 to 12 followers
    • Pinterest- from 0 to 13 followers
    • Instagram- from ? to 88 followers (this is a personal account, update soon)
  • Create a twitter, custom pinterest page, facebook page, stumbleupon, and any other media I happen upon
  • Write 8 new blog posts
  • Post to each social media account at least 1-2 times every 2 days
    • This one we still need to be more consistent with eventually we will enlist a service to help me with this however for now we must schedule what we can and do the work for the rest.
  • Create a journal of new post ideas
    • We adjusted this one to instead go back and update all the older posts to be more social media friendly. We succeeded at this new goal. Create a journal will be moved forward to be a Sept goal.
  • Find ways to monetize my site with ads of my own and affiliates.
    • We are currently signed up with CJAffiliates and Amazon

Just in case you missed it: Month 2 of Blogging

Just in case you missed it: First Month of Blogging. Goals!





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