Moving Is Stressful with Kids

I just moved my family out of my in laws home and into our own home finally. I am extremely excited that we are finally able to make this transition, however, the transition has been extremely stressful. Not only does my family of 6 have a ton of stuff but we are also adjusting to a new schedule and home structure. Since two of my kids are my step children I also have to deal with a lazy mom who thinks she can push her authority on me.

Sometimes the world feels like it will crumble down around me…. ugh adulting!!!!!!!

I have not been a very good blogger lately either. I was doing well posting at least once a week and now I am lucky to get one in per month. I have to put the fire back under myself and get moving again. I will soon be bringing you more awesome writing prompts and worksheets to do with your kids.


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