November 2017 Updates

November 2017 Blogging Update

Halloween has come and gone as we roll into November 2017. October was also Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Raising Good People has gone through a shift of focus to support this very important issue which affects so many children.

November 2017 offered Raising Good People the opportunity to get away from the free websites and onto our own permanent address,

I have completed the first 3 books in the Easy Reader Series and will be posting them soon as a bundle with their worksheets.

Last Months Goals Oct 2017 Month 3

  • Increase social media following by 5%
    • I have done very well with facebook groups this month and have realized that there are creative ways I can use to get people to visit my  site. You can see our like page here.
  • Get 75 visitors this month
    • 777 is how many visitors we got on our new site. Which is a vast improvement compared to previous months on the old free site.
  • Publish 6 posts
  • Start StumbleUpon
    • I didn’t do this. I focused on Facebook groups and did very well with it.
  • Add 10 ideas to Journal of Post Ideas
    • I added 10 or more ideas
  • Post to Social Media 5x a week per media
    • I have accomplished this I believe although I didn’t keep track
  • Complete set 1 of worksheets
    • I completed the worksheets for lesson 0. What Comes Before Reading
  • Complete set 1 of ebook
    • I Completed Series 1-1 through 1-3 in the Easy Readers Series.

November 2017 Bloggiing Goals

New Goals For November 2017

  • Reach 35 Followers on Raising Good People’s Pinterest
  • Do Research On Pinterest Engagement
  • Reach 60 likes on the RGP Facebook Like Page
  • Do Research On Facebook Engagement
  • Reach 240 Followers on Twitter Page
  • Do Research On Twitter Engagement
  • Ignore Other Social Media To Focus On These 3
  • Get Easy Reader Series 1 Compiled and Posted On Site
  • Get 10 People On My Email List
  • Finish Updating All Posts On RGP For SEO
  • Organize Site Pages For A Better Organized Site

I look forward to the exciting prospects this month has to offer and can’t wait to start researching how to reach more people with my messages.


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