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Oxytocin During A Trial Of Labor

Before going through the birth of my second daughter I was confident that I could handle the labor process without adding an epidural to the list of medications I was going to be taking. When I got to the hospital however and they told me that I could stay and try Oxytocin during a trial of labor I jumped on the prospect of getting my pregnancy over with. I should have waited but you tell a lady who is 9 months pregnant that.

LMP vs. Ultrasound

Based on an ultrasound the doctors put my due date at 02/13/2018, even though based on my LMP my due date was set for the 3rd. I decided that I wanted to go through a trial of labor in order to have a more natural experience than I had with my first pregnancy.

With my first daughter I had a difficult time breast feeding which I had attested to delivering via Cesarean. I didn’t want to go through my life having never experienced labor and I can say that I have now experienced it.

Artificial start of labor

When I went in for my appointment I on the 7th the doctor striped my membranes in order to assist the start of labor. This was a bit uncomfortable but ultimately was over in a min and not really painful. The doctor told me that if it was going to work to start labor that it would normally start within 48 hours. It took me about 52 hours but It did help get me going.

I was walking around the block every night and trying to stay busy in order to pass the time. I started having semi consistent contractions for like 12 hours. Some of them were under 5 mins apart but most were under 10 mins apart. I decided to go in anyways in order to get how many centimeters I was.

Halting Nature

On our way to the doctor I got a nice little rush of adrenaline when a car crossed over the center divide and almost hit us head on going 60 MPH. This pretty much stopped my contractions and took them from 4 mins apart to 15 to 20 mins apart. Geez whats a girl to do. I went in anyways and had higher than average blood pressures.

During the pregnancy I always had to take my BP at least twice. At 39 weeks they didn’t want to let me stay pregnant any more because of this so after several high readings they admitted me, started an IV and put me on the Oxytocin. After being in the hospital for 8-9 hours with increasing severity of the contractions, during one of them my water broke before they expected. Since I was on no pain meds I was feeling the full force of the contractions which started coming back to back. There was less than a minute between most and even though they lowered the Oxytocin they were not slowing down.

I was informed that the epidural which I had previously refused would aid in a more speedy Cesarean if needed. I was almost delirious with pain at this point and accepted before they finished their sentence. The epidural helped with the sharp pains of the contractions but they were still coming so fast that I got no relief in between and it did nothing to dull the pressure pain which accompanied each one.

After my water broke I started to feel very light headed and nauseous. When they came to check me I was still only 6

cm. I was 4 when admitted and felt as though I couldn’t deal with the feeling of passing out any longer. I made the request for my 2nd Cesarean and they started to prep me.

At the end of the day I had a beautiful little girl in my arms who was perfect and healthy. It didn’t matter whether I had Oxytocin during a trial of labor or went straight for a C-section. There is always something that could have gone better with anything life throws at us. The end result just has to be worth it and it definitely was

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