CVC Words are Consonant Vowel Consonant words

Step 2: Learning to Read: How To Use CVC Words

In Step 1: Learning To Read Basics  we saw the importance of Phonics and Phonemic Awareness. In Step 2, we will learn how to use CVC words in order to start reading.

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CVC Explanation

What is a CVC Word?

CVC words are words with a Consonant- Vowel- Consonant such as CAT.

Why are CVC Words Important?

CVC words are important because they are easy to pronounce since they include only the simple sounds.

How to Use CVC Words?

Tracking is an important step in learning how to use CVC words.

What is Tracking?

What that means is you must have your child put their finger to each letter of the word while they say out loud the sound that letter or letter combination makes. Then put those letter sounds together to form a word by blending.

Simple CVC Activities

  • Practice animal sounds while acting out the animals and when you come to rat, cat, dog,hog, ram, bat, nat, pig, and pup sing and dance the sounds out. i.e the /d/ /o/ /g/ goes woof, woof woof.
  • get a plain sheet of paper and draw a single word on it. Get some markers and have your little one trace the word in all the different colors. Be sure as they do each letter you say its sound and then the whole word at the end.

Blending Is Used To Put Words Together

Blending is being able to go smoothly from one letter sound to the next rather than leaving gaps of time between each one. Don’t worry if this takes a lot of time to get right. You just have to keep your child practicing a little bit each day.

My youngest daughter took several weeks before she finally started doing this and now she reads most words like a champ. Here again you must have patience. All kids learn differently.

ABCMouse For Those Having A Hard Time

If you are having a hard time with these steps you should check out ABCMouse. They can help give a bit of focus to an uncooperative child.

Don’t worry if your having a hard time figuring out how to use CVC Word on the site, they do an assessment to figure out where your child needs to start. So many children now-a-days are super techy and performing these action digitally can sometimes help. You can find more information about them here.

Getting Free Worksheets

There are tons of free and paid CVC worksheets on pinterest and on a wonderful site I just discovered called Teachers Pay Teachers which can give you and your child fun ways to learn how to use CVC words together. Check out these amazing printable worksheets now. Go to the site and Check it out for yourself. It is not just for teachers but also for parents( You are your child’s #1 Teacher after all).

Step 2 Learning How to read CVC Words

Be sure to keep consistency during this step because without  it your child will forget and you both will have to start all over. There are a ton of resources online to help you and your child get through this wonderful but tough transition time.

Stuck? Find Help And Community

Be sure to do some research if you start to feel stuck and remember there are lots of communities you can join. We are lucky to be raising children in a time when so much information can be accessed so easily.

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