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The Best Activities to Teach ABC’s to Kids

When kids are entering the transition from non-reading to reading it can be very stressful for them. Here are some fun activities to do at home which can help teach ABC’s to kids.

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The Beginners Guide to Teaching ABC’s to Kids

  • So many children enter Kindergarten lacking the skills they need to get started.
  • I am doing some cool activities with my toddler, and we are having so much fun that I had to share them with you. Get More Beginners Info here.

What is the importance of teaching ABC’s to kids early?

  • From the moment a child is born they start learning. Reading to your babies is a useful tool in their path to literacy. My 7 year old was read to almost every night from infancy till she could read herself. She is now in second grade and reading at a fifth grade level.
  • While it is true that we must have patience and give each child the time they need to learn each concept, we must do everything we can to give them their best shot.
  • If you want more details about Phonics and Phonemic Awareness check out this post.

How to get started teaching kids ABC’s

  • Play time should always be learning time too. I’ve included some activities where you can teach ABC’s to kids with common household items like buttons, or paper clips so that there is no excuse you can give yourself to get out of these fun activities.

Tips for Success in teaching kids ABC’s

  • One of my biggest hurdles with my first daughter was having patience. I was doing the letters with her over and over and she just wasn’t getting it. She would get the letters all wrong and get frustrated with her own progress and want to quit. This is why making learning into games is so important and the biggest suggestion I make.

ABC Activities kids will love

  • Leaf Quest
    • Collect some leaves from outside. Write Letters on them with permanent markers then toss them in the air and let them fall on your heads. Pick one up and show the letter to your little one. Say the letter and the corresponding sound. Do this for a handful then throw them up again.
  • Wall Scribbles
    • Take some painters or masking tape and on a plain piece of paper make a letter with the tape. Give the marker to your kid and let them color and scribble all over the paper. Pull the tape off to truly see their masterpiece. Be sure to show them what they did and talk about the letter. I love hanging these up.
  • Name Scribbles
    • Write their name on paper and read the letters to them. Depending on the age and skill of your little you can have them trace the letters in a rainbow of color or just have fun scribbling.
  • Bake Off
    • Bake Cut out cookies and choose a few letters to cut out. discuss the letter and sound through out.
  • Hoppin ABC’s
    • Use Chalk to draw a hopscotch outside and put some letters in the boxes. As you and your little hop through you can say the letters and corresponding sound
  • Fridge Magnetics
    • Let your little one keep themselves busy while you cook with Fridge Magnets or play with them as they get used to seeing the letters everyday on the fridge.
  • Classic White/Chalkboard
    • You can usually find these at a dollar store or on amazon. Draw with your little one and have fun with it. Don’t forget to sing while you play.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about teaching ABC’s to kids

  • Making learning fun and interactive is the best way to ensure participation so just be silly.
  • Leave a comment below with a note about which activity was your favorite.
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