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Teach My Child To Write Sentences

When children first learn to write they often have a hard time with grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. Teach My Child to Write Sentences is a post I wanted to create in order to help parents prepare their children to move up the grades with ease. Proper sentence structure is an important step in becoming a great writer.

What is a Sentence?

  • Includes main subject (Noun)
  • Shows action (Verb)
  • Includes helper words (Article)

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A Noun Is…

A noun is the main subject of the sentence. Nouns include people, places, or things.

  • Person
    • Can be broad like:
      • teacher
      • boy
      • girl
    • Can be the name belonging to the noun
      • Mr. Hansen
      • Brad
      • Violet
  • Place
    • General Locations
      • school
      • park
      • store
    • Named Locations
      • Springfield Elementary School
      • Mt. Rushmore
  • Thing
    • Objects
      • teddy bear
      • rock
      • chair
    • Ideas
      • love
      • peace

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What is a Verb?

  • Action words
    • running
    • jumping
    • sleeping
  • State of Being
    • is
    • are
    • become
  • Helpers
    • will (i.e. will be)
    • been
    • should

What is an Article?

  • The
  • A
  • An

What is a Super Sentence?

A super sentence is what teachers are calling a sentence with more details but only one idea. Super sentences are made by adding adjectives, or where, when, how, or why the sentence is occurring.

The rabbit jumps. This will be my example sentence.

  • Adjectives
    • Words that describe a noun
    • The fluffy rabbit jumps.
  • Where
    • This can describe the general location or a specific place. A combination of both can also be used.
    • The fluffy rabbit jumps through the garden at the hotel.
  • When
    • Time of day, season, or combination.
    • The fluffy rabbit jumps through the garden at the hotel in spring.
  • How
    • Adverbs can be used here to add more details.
    • The fluffy rabbit jumps slowly through the garden at the hotel in the spring.
  • Why
    • Describes the main subjects motivation.
    • The fluffy rabbit jumps slowly through the garden at the hotel in the spring because he is looking for food.
This is one of my favorite workbooks for young writers

When teaching sentences to children it is important to enforce that a sentence is one thought on one subject. All too often children either ramble on without periods or try to include random thoughts. Sentences can be mastered through practice and gentle correction. Having patience is important. Children need to build a sense of self esteem and confidence in writing before they can learn to enjoy it.

When I wanted to teach my child to write sentences I had to slow down and goat her pace. Want more ideas for your kids writing?

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