Tidying Up For Moms And Kids

Sometimes moms can feel like their lives are a hurricane sized storm of soccer practice, laundry, cooking, cleaning and homework. Not to mention, if you’re a mom who either works or goes to school you can feel even more tangled in your own life. This is why I decided to create this post about Tidying Up For Moms And Kids.

5 Easy Steps for Moms and Kids To Tidy Up

Easy Guide for Tidying Up For Moms and Kids
5 Easy ways for Tidying Up For Moms And Kids
5 Ways You Can Easily Tidy Up For Moms And Kids5 Ways You Can Easily Tidy Up For Moms And Kids

Over the past year I have been slowly creeping towards my breaking point. I had a new baby, went back to work, have been working towards my Bachelors degree, and still doing laundry, cleaning up after my kids, doing nightly homework and thinking about blogging. My blog has not been a priority since I have the rest of my life happening around me.

My Stress level was about to boil over when I stumbled across the show Tidying Up With Marie Kondo on Netflix. If you haven’t seen the show, you should immediately go binge watch it now. I didn’t know how to start tidying up for moms and kids, and she showed me some great tips.

I plan on moving to a new home in May 2019 so this minimization effort is partly due to that impending date. Parenting is the biggest joy in my life but tidying up for moms and kids can cause you to feel as if you go three steps forward and two steps back. The parenting online community helps me sort through the parenting stresses and I love having that community.

Life can get crazy!

 Lifes a Mess

I have found some peace lately though. I started implementing tidying up for moms and kids and it is changing my life.

Step 1

Decide you want to minimize the stress in your life by tidying up for moms and kids.

Unnecessary clutter puts undue stress on the relationships in your home. We didn’t have some much when we were younger and kids now-a-days rarely use all the toys they have in their inventory.

If we don’t use an object then it doesn’t need to take up space in our home. There are many places in your home where you tuck things away, instead purge them.

Step 2

Understand that changing your home happens over weeks, not days.

When you truly begin tidying up for moms and kids you are not just changing the appearance of your home, you are going through a life style change.

Any major life change takes sometime to get used to. If you are going to continue living tidy then it is crucial you change gradually.

Step 3

Start with yourself before moving on to the kids and spouse.

When you start out a new process there is a lot of learning involved. Tidying up for moms and kids requires you to understand the process so that you can teach the process.

Begin with your clothes, accessories and miscellaneous objects first. Then you can move to the spaces in your home that you control, like the kitchen.

Step 4

Find a support system to help you with tidying up for moms and kids.

Your spouse might choose to go through this process at the same time as you do. That would be the best kind of support you can find. If they are a bit slower than at starting a new process then there are many other ways to find support.

I find my support in the online community through blogging and social media. You could look in mommy groups or community activities as well to find yours.

Step 5

Get your family on board.

Finally get your kids organized by leading by example and doing the tasks together. When you do laundry have them fold their own clothes with you so they take responsibility for their own space and you don’t have so much weight on your shoulders. Obviously baby clothes are a responsibility that can’t be given over but that just gave me the motivation to get rid of anything I didn’t love!

Kids clothes can get overwhelming

If your kids have a problem letting go then come up with a percentage of items they need to get rid of and organize from most important to least and eliminate the bottom amount equaling that percentage.

And then all that’s left is to live in the joy left in your life!


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