What is Motivational Parenting?

What is Motivational Parenting?

Motivational Parenting is parenting with motivation. Pretty obvious right? But what does that look like?

Childhood is hard. Close your eyes right now and think back to when you were little. Try to remember the struggles and you went through and the way in which you thought of things. Go ahead and take that moment now…..

Now think about how confusing it was to think about the future? Think about how frustrating it was to be treated like a child when you “thought” like an “adult”?

Usually parenting is done through either bribes or fear. There are different types of children. Jennifer Nacif tells us about 4 different types. Analytical, Social, Dominant and Patient. In order for us to use motivational parenting then we need to be able to classify which of these categories our children fall into.

What is Motivational Parenting?

We Then Need To Treat Each Of Our Kids Differently

A child in the Analytical category can be the best behaved kid ever but we must understand that they are still a child and must sometimes relax and stop taking things so seriously.

Socially motivated children are all about having fun and can easily be redirected with fun activities. Motivational parenting can be accomplished by redirecting them to “acceptable” fun behaviors.

Dominant Kids can successfully be redirected through motivational parenting by letting them feel that they have power. Instead of taking their power and saying “you won’t be allowed” try instead saying “your the only one who can help me.”

Patient Children can be approached by motivational parenting through loving words. You need to give them safety by saying “I understand,” “I love you,” and “I am here for you.”

Why Is Motivational Parenting Important?

There are so many children in this world who feel lost. Some children feel like no one cares. There are children who feel the world would be better off without them….

Lets think about this for a moment. Don’t we want the best for our children? Aren’t our children the most important people in our lives? Then why do we choose to avoid the time it takes to make them truly happy?

We need to show our children that they are worth our time. That they are worth something more than a yell, a glare or an ignored moment.

We must get our children to like us and love us because children can’t learn from people who they don’t like. We must learn how to be educators for all our children.

If our children feel loved and liked and wanted then they are easy to teach and will allow us to teach them what they must learn easily.

What to do when your discouraged?

Search some motivation. Here is one of the videos which motivates me.

Youtube is especially useful here. I search and watch motivational videos every day.

What Comes Next?

Remember that we are all humans and we all make mistakes. The thing that makes success happen is perseverance.

Children are really good at messing up but this is also a great way for them to learn. who cares if they break something or cause you to miss out on an appointment.

Is that item or appointment so important to you that it is worth causing a bad memory in your child’s life?

If not then lighten up and persevere. Create the learning memories which will help them to build the best lives they can.


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