Over-stimulation Doesn't Exist

Over-Stimulation Is No More

I don’t know about you but going from an independent woman to a mom is a special kind of crazy. I never realized all the different things that you have to get familiar with in the process. For example, the subjects of anatomy and psychology are musts for dealing with children. Not to mention all of the other subjects you have to know to be able to teach it to them.

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I have learned that children can not be over stimulated as I once thought they could. Some parents try to keep their kids calm so that they can have their perfect quiet little home. THIS ONLY LEADS TO CHAOS. And chaos my friends is the leading cause of parents being pushed over their threshold and into the realm of yelling and arguing.

In my home anger just leads to more chaos. I have 3 kids and 1 on the way. The older 2 are my stepchildren and the younger is mine alone. This will be mine and my husbands first child together so we are going to have experience with a little bit of everything.

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What I have found out is that when children are driving you up the wall there are a few things that could be causing it.

  1. They have too much energy. This is where extracurricular activities such as sports comes into play. Children are not like adults. Their metabolism does not take their food and turn it into fat right away, instead it turns it into energy. Let them expend it.
  2. Their brains are aching to work. This is important especially during the summer when they are off of school. During the school year their brains are used to working on absorbing information and problem solving. During the summer you don’t want them turning this towards figuring out new ways to annoy you. So keep their brain busy.
  3. They want your attention. If you have a long list of activities to accomplish then in between every one or two take a few moments to give them a hug or check out what they have been working on.
  4. Their environment is dissatisfying them. Have they been stuck inside for days because of weather or are things becoming stagnant? Help them build a pillow fort or have them reorganize the household furniture. Get some change. It will probably make you feel better too. (It can always be moved back so give it  a try)

Try these things out they will most likely be very beneficial to you getting a peaceful day and night. Out of Ideas? Look up my personal pinterest account and follow me. I am always looking up and repining cool ideas. https://www.pinterest.com/scorpiomom3/

I will have several DIY activities to do with your children posted in the coming months on this site as which can help stimulate their minds so be sure to follow my blog.

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