Why Pets Are Good For Children

Pets are often seen as extended members of the family. I know that’s how I see mine. My dog Pebbles has been with me through a marriage, a pregnancy, a divorce, a new marriage, and a second pregnancy. She is there to give unconditional love anytime I want or need it.

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These features are seen in many pets. From hamsters to parrots, here are the reasons raising children with pets is good for their development.

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  1. Pets Give Unconditional Love. This is especially important for only children or those who don’t get along well with their siblings. The companionship eradicates loneliness.
  2. Pets Give People Something To Talk About. When children are trying to start conversations they can sometimes run out of things to talk about. Pets always give them a topic.
  3. Pets Discourage Bullying. By encouraging your children to be more nurturing they learn to be more empathetic which aids in the decrease in a bullying mentality.
  4. Pets Can Boost A Child’s Immunity.  Several studies have shown that early exposure to indoor pets, especially dogs, can drastically decrease the chance for children to develop indoor and outdoor allergies. Also a decrease in the rate of asthma has been seen.


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